Our self-imposed quarantine began on Monday, March 16. Today is April 29. That means we have been in this house for 6 weeks and 3 days. It feels like it has been a lifetime.

A few good things came out of all this. I finished my taxes yesterday. With the no penalty extension I always apply for, I never complete the paperwork until October because every procrastinator knows you can extend the return so it really is not due until October 15. That alone makes it a good year. I do not have to worry about it until next year. I still have to pay but it feels good to have that harrowing task off my shoulders.

In the afternoon I got my desk cleaned. It has not been this free of paperwork for ages. On the very bottom of the stack, I found this notice from …..

Gas South

gas bill

We use natural gas. I like cooking with the gas but hate it because the gas bill is so high in the summer when it is only used for the stove. It gives me a bad feeling to have to pay the minimum just to cook a few meals. It is much more cost-effective when the heat is on. At least then it feels worthwhile.

But I do digress. This is a copy of our bill from …..

Infinite Energy

gas bill

I almost fainted.

How could I let this go for so long? We are paying $1.289 per therm (unit of gas usage) on our gas bill and the ad is for 41 cents per therm. Last month alone I paid 87.9 cents more per them than I needed to. We used 117.5 therms in March and it cost an extra $103.28 for that one month. Ouch, that really hurts.


What I could have done with that waste on my gas bill!

Go shopping, eat out at a nice restaurant, go to the movies how many times, go see an expensive concert, or just spoil my grandson. This nonsense stops now. I called Infinite Energy and after discussing the offer from Gas South, they offered me $.399 per therm if I signed a 12-month contract. Now we all know that I will have to have the gas turned on during those months. Sold.

Today with all my extra time I am going to look at all of my discretionary bills. Health insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, online coupons for stuff I buy often, grocery e-coupons. Next time I have to have a contractor to do a job for me, I will definitely ask for a cheaper price. All they can do is say no and it is my money until I give it to them!

Your Gas Bill: I Challenge Everyone

Take the time to look at your discretionary expenditures, especially your gas bill. No complaints. You have the time today to do it. There are places you can and should save those dollars you work so hard for. After all, there is no money tree growing in your back yard. Look at your credit card bill. Perhaps you are paying for services you no longer need but just have not taken the time to cancel them. Do it today! If you need help I will be glad to help for a share of the savings.

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