There are so many senior online games to play. Solitaire is just one of many Online Senior Games. Another game that we all love to play is Sudoku.

You’ve probably heard that seniors are addicted to solitaire games. In fact, we used to play them for hours when home computers became available. It was a feeling of power that we could move the cards so easily with the flick of a mouse. It seems like a foolish reason to enjoy solitaire but for those of us who did not grow up with computers it was almost magical.

Different Types of Solitaire Games

The fact is that now there are many different kinds of free solitaire games for seniors on the internet. There is classic solitaire, klondike solitaire, spider solitaire, pyramid solitaire, and freecell solitaire to name a few.

Klondike solitaire is the most popular and most people think of it as the classic solitaire. However, two decks of cards are used in the classic version and only one deck in the Klondike version.

Using a 52 card deck and discarding the jokers, the cards are laid out in 7 rows with each row to the right containing one more card than the row before it. The variations allowed consist of how many “stock” cards are turned at a time and how many times a player can go through the deck of those remaining cards.

It may have been called “Klondike” as it is believed that the game is named after that region of Canada and it was popular during the gold rush there between 1896 and 1899, a mere 4 years.

Finding Free Online Solitaire Games for Seniors

Solitaire is a popular Internet game, which can be played online or even offline through computer software as well as from a simple mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet PC.

Free solitaire games for seniors are available online and can also be downloaded from many different websites.

How to play Solitaire

The object of the game is to create four piles of cards – one per suit – in ascending order until all the cards are used. It is a fun and easy game to play by yourself. There is some strategy assigned to the game but often it is just luck. No problem. If you do not win, just restart and a new order of cards will be on your screen.

Solitaire games have four suits with 13 cards in each suit. Essentially a complete deck of cards. Some games are played with two decks so there will still be four suits but with 26 cards in each suit. Line up all the cards and you win.

You will discover that often not playing a card is more advantageous than playing that card. Practice is a great teacher when it comes to strategy for senior solitaire. Completing the game is simple and intuitive so pick a site and go for it!

cards in a pile

Benefits of Playing Solitaire Games for Seniors

Solitaire is an excellent way to pass the time. Some people enjoy it more than others. It is a game of chance and a contest of skill. The more you play the more you understand about the strategy. It is an easy game to play by yourself. Playing solitaire can keep you occupied for hours at a time.

There are thousands of solitaire games available for free online. The best way to find out what kind of game you like is by playing it. The free online games allow you to play all the different kinds of solitaire games. Try playing different options until you find something that suits your taste, from easy to hard.

If you feel like trying solitaire, click the links above to find the ones you enjoy the most.

After Solitaire for Seniors

After mastering solitaire many seniors decide to go onto harder games. The free internet games are numerous. When you tire of one game, just go onto another, perhaps harder game.

There are many other more complex card games than solitaire. However, solitaire is quick and easy and can occupy our minds for hours.

Memory games are more of a challenge and are available in quantity. Sudoku, Mine Sweeper, and Sokoban are but a few of the games available online. You may have to think more when engaging with those games but hey, we can do it.

Start with a free game of solitaire and then you may decide to play other games. The internet is full of promising and exciting games and Solitaire is just one.