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Fasting to Prevent Aging

Fasting to Prevent Aging

Anti-aging is a fascinating subject. It is one that we are all very interested in. After all, it affects us. A theory to help us and our anti-aging goals are to participate in fast mimicking diets. Fasting will help you to prevent aging. None of us likes the idea of a diet. Everyone could probably stand to lose a few pounds but the problem is that food tastes so good.

You may not have ever heard of it, but a fast mimicking diet is a method to help us not only stay fit but it is a way for us to stave off some effects of aging and thereby prevent aging. We all know there is a global obesity problem and no one wants to get diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, or dementia.

To avoid those perils it is worth trying a fast mimicking diet. 

fasting to prevent aging

Lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise, are so difficult to maintain.

These are lifestyle changes that need to be constantly pursued. Fasting is simply the limitation or abstinence of food, drink or both. If it is for a short period of time, it is doable. In ancient times fasting was considered to be a healing tradition. It also was used by religions for spiritual purposes. But today it is more of a chore. If it helps with anti-aging, it is worth a try.

The psychology of fasting is not difficult to comprehend. Just don’t eat! When glucose is not available to your body, then fat is burned to sustain your bodily functions. In our not so distant past, there simply was not a lot of calories for consumption. As we evolved, there were periods of low food availability. It was either feast or famine.

Our ancestors consumed fewer calories than we do today. We do live longer and healthier lives. Not only is it due to the lack of predators, but also because of the more balanced diet that we enjoy today. A well-balanced diet is important for the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals we all need.

Circadian (recurring naturally on a 24-hour cycle)

Humans are considered to be circadian beings and thus subject to a circadian rhythm. Essentially we exist with a 24-hour internal clock, It cycles between sleepiness and alertness. Our cellular and metabolic events are attuned to this time clock. It affects the secretion of melatonin, the slight change in our body temperature, and the levels of cortisol, and thus may help to prevent aging.


circadian night & day


When we eat, insulin levels are raised which promotes the uptake of glucose into our cells. From 6 to 24 hours after eating, insulin levels begin to fall and our bodies store glycogen for approximately 24 hours.  If we are in a fasting cycle, high levels of growth hormone maintain our muscles and lean tissues. These higher levels of growth hormone will help to prevent aging.

There are several different types of fasting regimes. Some maintain short-term or periodic fasting while others may continue for a few days every month. Each type will stimulate rejuvenation modes in our body. However, it is almost impossible to maintain fasting for a prolonged period of time. Anti-aging professionals have come up with a strategy to help us overcome this problem.

Using time restricted fasting, you simply do not eat within a specified time frame. Try to maintain a daily fast for 13 to 16 hours. From 6 pm every evening to 9 am the next morning is 15 hours. That is the easiest time to have this sort of task as many people can cope with fasting within this time period. No snacking in the evenings!


circadian beings


There are benefits to this type of fasting. Since we are circadian beings, our body releases hormones in relation to a 24 hour time period. At night we sleep and in the day we are awake. Our hormones reflect this activity. If we eat at night, we are more likely to gain weight and increase health risks. You can have your french fries, just not at 9 pm. Have them with your lunch. This is much easier to handle that no french fries at all.

Fast Mimicking Diets

Fast Mimicking Diet

A fast mimicking diet will promote longevity, reduce excess fats, and improve your overall vitality. The renewal of our cells occurs within the circadian cycles of our bodies. 

Our bodies will essentially clean house. Your cells have toxins that must be eliminated. By using the fast mimicking diet, you are helping your body to get rid of excess toxins. This will help to reduce inflammation in your body and to increase your immunity. Your body has time to clean itself and get rid of unwanted cells and pathogens to prevent aging. 

Night time fasting is relatively easy to accomplish. Regular exercise and lower carbohydrate intake will also help and night time fasting is a great start. It is a “diet” we can all manage and continue. You can still eat what you usually do, just not in the evenings. Wait until tomorrow. You will find that your mind becomes clearer and you feel better. Give it a try but not for just one day.

Everyone should to talk to their doctor and consider their own health needs and medications before changing their lifestyle. Each person is different and has unique requirements. 

You can read more about fast mimicking diets in the book The Longevity Diet by Dr. Longo. The Longevity Diet is not difficult to follow. It will become part of your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle that will help to prevent aging.
Per Dr.Longo: ” Among the longevity factors within your control, what you eat is the primary choice you can make that will affect whether you live to 60, 80, 100, or 110-and more importantly, whether you will get there in good health.”
We need to learn everything we can to prevent aging.



Read more on Guide For Seniors for information about your health and anti-aging techniques.




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