Transform Your Cruise Into Unforgettable

Transform Your Cruise Into Unforgettable

The Right Cruise, The Right Destination, The Right Excursion

The fun part of every one of your senior cruises, not including the food, of course, is getting to stay in one room and not having to constantly pack and unpack. Your cruise destination will include visiting exotic ports of call knowing that your dinner will be waiting for you when you get back on board. Then, miraculously the next day, breakfast and another fascinating place to visit. However, unfortunately, things can and often go wrong. You can influence that scenario with the right cruise destination and the right cruise decisions.

Choose the Right Cruise

seniors on-small-boat-cruiseThe choices are endless. A senior cruise may be just what is needed. Cruising with others in your same generation may be what you are looking for.  Comradeship with your peers may be more fun than with millennials. After all, we are the greatest generation!

Disney cruises are top of the line. But you will have to face the youngsters on that cruise. If that is not your thing, avoid it like the plague.

Carnival is known as the fun ship. Avoid spring break and commencement time as the cabins will be filled with party goers and graduates just looking for fun. Not my idea of excitement.

Royal Caribbean is the world’s largest cruise line. They have a multitude of ships as well as ships that have a multitude of activities. The cruise line is based in Miami, Florida and is known for the unusual features it ships contain. Your chosen ship may have a rock climbing wall, an ice skating rink, a water park, or perhaps a mini-golf course. They are family friendly and sail all over the world.

Most larger cruise ships have a casino on board. It certainly adds to the fun although I would recommend Las Vegas if you are traveling strictly for the gambling.

Entertainment is always exciting on a cruise ship. Every ship has entertainment galore. You can play bingo, laugh at the newlywed game, join in karaoke, step into the comedy club, be amazed at the magicians, join a team for trivia, learn napkin folding or ice sculpting or just enjoy the live shows.

Cruise Destinations


Alaska Cruises run from May thru September. The winter months are too cold with definitely too much snow!

Bermuda Cruises will travel from April to October.

The Carribean is warm and sunny year round. You do need to be cognizant of hurricane season between September and December.

Europe is best from April to November. “In season” is crowded and expensive. The “shoulder” months may offer fair weather and better prices with fewer tourists to deal with.

Hawaii is great any time of the year. Fewer families will travel when the kids are in school but even then the cruises may be full. Who could possibly not want to visit Hawaii?

Mexico is a great destination any time of the year. The dry season is from September thru May but you can find a cruise to Mexico every month of the year.

New England and Canada cruises generally run from May to October. If you want to avoid most of the crowds stay away from summer when the kids are out of school. May, June, and October are often quite chilly in Canada. However, the time of year to travel depends on what you want to do. Check out the fishing schedules as well as the best times for whale watching if that is on your bucket list.

Panama Canal Cruises can be found year round but generally are best from September to April. The climate is tropical with warm days but there is a rainy season. It is more difficult to find a cruise thru the Panama Canal during those months. A lesser expensive trip thru the Panama Canal may be found if you look for a repositioning cruise, You will not be able to begin and end from the same location but the difference in price makes it more palatable. The months of March to May, September to November are best for those cruises.

South America is great to visit  October to April. Since it is in the Southern Hemisphere, our seasons are opposite. Cold here but warm there. A great winter vacation!

Seasons for Cruise Destinations

It is important to consider where you are going as well as when you are going. To save money perhaps you have considered traveling off season. It is cheaper but there is a reason for it.

Hurricane season! Between September and December is hurricane season in the Caribbean.For sure the cruise ship will still go but will you be able to enjoy the sights? And the travel may not be nearly as much fun as you have anticipated. High seas, canceled entertainment or worse, stuck in your cabin as they batten down the hatches. If you are lucky this scenario may never occur. But it just might!

Cruising to Europe in the winter months may be much less expensive but cold and rainy. Not great weather for a vacation. Your trip may be cheaper as it is out of season but you may wish they had paid you! Might be better to pay more for a good trip rather than to pay less for a terrible trip.

Alaska is risky in May and in September. Your cruise ship will still stop at the stated ports but you may not enjoy the snow, mud, and rain if it is in the forecast. The salmon do not run every month of the year so plan carefully.

The best reason to travel off season is the cost of the trip. It may be worth the chance that it will be a great trip so the choice is yours. Are you a gambler?

Shore Excursions

whale breaching seen by cruise passengersChoose your Shore excursions with care. The cruise lines will put pressure on you to purchase their excursions.

The cost is not as expensive as it sounds. Many times you can see the sights cheaper than the price you would pay to the cruise ship. When else will you be able to snorkel with the fish or climb the Mayan ruins? Those special places are waiting for you. Why not go for it and visit the ruins, snorkel and then swim in a Mexican Cenote, all in one day! Check out the 3-in-1 Discovery Combo Tour: Tulum Ruins, Reef Snorkeling Plus Cenote and Caves

Cruise ship in Antarctic watersYou may want to try parasailing in the Caribbean. Parasail Over Cabbage Beach is a great experience. You may not get another chance so go for it!

Alaska is known for its salmon fishing and whale watching. If you stop in Ketchikan, Alaska, try the fishing. Ketchikan Halibut and Salmon Fishing Charter is a great choice. Juneau has great opportunities for whale watching so check out Whale Watching and Wildlife Adventure from Juneau.

Still, remember the cost. Nothing is free. You do not have to see every thing that is recommended. However, if you came to Mexico with the ruins in mind, do not miss them.

There are a few things to contemplate. Some excursions may be too strenuous for you. Some may be too long or possibly even too boring. You can always venture into town and just see the sights. Just be cognizant of the time and don’t miss the boat. They will not wait for you!



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