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Cruise Tips To Help You Save

Everyone wants to save money, especially when on a cruise. All those necessary extras keep adding up. See what items to pay for and which you may be able to go without, or find a less expensive alternative. It can be done.

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Uber is a fun app for all. This post will tell you EXACTLY how to get it on your smartphone. Use it one time and you will be hooked. It is easy to get to your senior cruise with Uber.

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Unique and Tempting Ways to Stay for Free

House sit and stay in exotic or even mundane locations for free. House sitting enables the sitter to live rent-free in exchange for monitoring the house while the homeowner is away. The duties may vary and often consist of taking care of the home owner’s pets. For an animal lover, this is not a detriment but an added perk.

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Best Travel Tips For YOU

Travel tips abound However, these are the 7 best travel tips for seniors. In the excitement of planning for a trip, it is hard to remember everything. The one thing you forget can ruin everything. Plan and prepare ahead for a great time.

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Making Light of Packing With A Vacation Checklist

A vacation checklist is important. Keep one on your computer and print it out for every trip. It is easy to add to or subtract from the list. Remember, if you have to carry your own luggage, the lighter the better. By the end of the trip that extra pair of shoes will get heavier and heavier.

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