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Calendars for Seniors

Seniors need calendars to help them stay organized. There are lots of choices. Choose a wall calendar that you can easily see and write on. Then use your calendar!

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Sexy Seniors

Seniors are sexy. We take care of ourselves and we eat right. We are content with ourselves and do not always have to be entertained. We come after the greatest generation and before Generation X. We are the lucky ones.

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Happy Kids, Happy Trip

Most grandparents will remember… the trip – or trips – where everyone looked forward to leaving but quickly regretted as soon as the kids got entangled in those cycles of bickering or complaining. Whether you’re flying, driving or going by train, there’s the certainty that your grandchildren will become bored, hungry, cramped, or just plain old feisty. Happy kids make for happy trips.

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Dementia Communities

Often a dementia community can offer your loved one more than you can. There is a right community for everyone. You just have to find it. These are some of the questions you need to ask. Be observant and look for what your loved one needs.

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After Divorce – Insane Emotions

Hitting rock bottom in your marriage that ultimately leads to divorce definitely creates an emotional wound that could leave you scarred for life. And the trauma that goes along with that, both for you and your kids, seems to be...

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