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Sexy Seniors

Seniors are sexy. We take care of ourselves and we eat right. We are content with ourselves and do not always have to be entertained. We come after the greatest generation and before Generation X. We are the lucky ones.




Recipes and Canned Goods

Time to cook again. for some it is easy but for some of us, it is a chore we would prefer to avoid. Here are a few easy recipes that even I find it hard to mess up.



Gas Bill Savings Today, What Next Tomorrow?

I had the time to check out our gas bill. This is inexcusable on my part. I have been overpaying for ages. Today this stops. It is my money and I have been burning it up every month. Pun intended! Today I put out that fire and now will pay attention to other items where I am sure I can save money.



Gifts For Seniors

Smart gadgets help everyday life to be easier for seniors. The motivation is to find the best ways of making life great during the times when a senior can enjoy good health, have positive adventures and create the best memories possible.

Real Estate


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