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Happy Kids, Happy Trip

Most grandparents will remember… the trip – or trips – where everyone looked forward to leaving but quickly regretted as soon as the kids got entangled in those cycles of bickering or complaining. Whether you’re flying, driving or going by train, there’s the certainty that your grandchildren will become bored, hungry, cramped, or just plain old feisty. Happy kids make for happy trips.

Dementia Communities

Often a dementia community can offer your loved one more than you can. There is a right community for everyone. You just have to find it. These are some of the questions you need to ask. Be observant and look for what your loved one needs.




Recipes and Canned Goods

Time to cook again. for some it is easy but for some of us, it is a chore we would prefer to avoid. Here are a few easy recipes that even I find it hard to mess up.



Unfair Advantage

Who said an unfair advantage is the bane of the world. Why only those who do not have one and can not figure out how to get one. An unfair advantage is the way of the world. Go out there and get yours if you want success.



Gifts For Seniors

Smart gadgets help everyday life to be easier for seniors. The motivation is to find the best ways of making life great during the times when a senior can enjoy good health, have positive adventures and create the best memories possible.



Fun Shoes for Me and Shoes for You

Shoes are everywhere. Do you look at the shoes everyone else wears? I noticed a lot of girls, both young and old wearing white sneakers with their dresses. I am going to buy a pair and see how it works. It is too cold to wear sandals and heels hurt my feet. Shoes have always been a problem for me. I am sure I am not alone.