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Taking Magnesium with Melatonin

Magnesium helps to relax your muscles. Melatonin helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycles. You get twice the sleep aid by taking both. Both are is important, the mineral, magnesium, and the hormone, melatonin. Your body craves both and your sleep depends upon them.

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Knowing how to perform CPR or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is a valuable skill. it is one that everyone should know. if you have not had your class on CPR, there is not a better time to sign up and take the class!

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What Exactly Is A Heart Attack

A mild heart attack can cause as much damage to your heart as one that is not mild. To be on the safe side, your best bet is to go to the ED of a hospital. Getting immediate medical attention can save your life.

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5 Ways To Beat Fatigue

Fatigue is a major problem for so many. Even if your physician cannot find the cure, then it does not mean that you must live with the condition for the rest of your life. Try different solutions and perhaps you will overcome this syndrome. Read on for some suggestions.

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TENS Unit and Acute Pain Goals

TENS is an acronym that stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. You will be amazed how it can alleviate pain. If you are in chronic pain, it is worth a try. It is not a cure but even a bit of relief goes a long way.

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Minerals and Vitamins: Big Deal!

Many foods provide the vitamins and minerals needed for your general health and well being. You should get your needed nutrients from your daily diet rather than thru supplements. Getting too much is as bad for your health as getting too little of these important nutrients.

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Irritable bowel syndrome is a very frustrating and painful illness. Diagnosis can be elusive, even to an experienced physician. Learn about common causes and treatments.

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