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Blue Light

Everyone needs all the wavelengths of light every day for their health. However, in this new age, we live in, our eyes are exposed to too much blue light. Especially when we need to promote the production of melatonin so we can sleep at night. Blue light blocking glasses are a partial answer for many of us. They can help us all.

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No Need for Fear Of The Sun

Some sun is good for you. There are so many ways sunlight can help you and your body in addition to making Vitamin D. Go out & sit in the sun for 15 minutes a day and see how much better you will feel.

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Sleep Like The Dead

When you get a great night’s sleep you feel refreshed and alert. You will be winning your fight for anti-aging as you increase your mood and decrease depression. As seniors, we need to consider all aspects of our health.

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Seniors Helping Seniors, Volunteer

Research has proven that volunteering will help seniors. It keeps your mind more active to stave off depression. Physically it is an aid because it helps to lower your blood pressure, thereby increasing your lifespan. Scientists do not know how but do know that volunteering works for seniors.

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Let’s Talk About Magnesium

OK, here is the scoop on magnesium. You need it. You may not want it but you need it. Get over it & take your magnesium. Sounds like your Mom speaking.

If she were here, she would agree. She might now know all it does, but we know it is an important mineral for all of us.

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How To Choose A Doctor

It is such a difficult choice. It is such an important choice. I want my doctor to be the best. I want my doctor to understand me. I want my doctor to make my experience the best it can be. With MedRev I know that they can hear me and hopefully, they are really listening. I hope!

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