Category: Fitness

I Am An Armchair Athlete

I just do not enjoy exercising. Sure I like to ride my bike but just get out there and exercise. Not for me. I like the lazy fitness method much more. Call me an armchair athlete.

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Spin with Will

If I can do it, then you can do it. Everyone should try a spin class. That is only if you have a coach like Will. His enthusiasm is infectious. Check out the video of Will inspiring us and encouraging his class. Everyone is welcome. The hour is exciting and invigorating and will be over before you know it. Come spin with Will.

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Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Back Pain

Many times lower back pain can be traced to lifestyle. A few simple lifestyle changes can help to lessen and in some cases remedy your lower back pain. Sedentary lifestyles often cause a great deal of lower back pain. Movement helps back pain. If your back hurts, get up and move around for as long as possible.

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