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Minesweeper is an exciting game to play. Try to find all the mines. For even more competition, use the timer. It is rewarding to beat your personal best.

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Free Solitaire Games for Seniors

Solitaire is a classic card game that many people enjoy. Playing on a computer is exciting. The computer will shuffle the cards so it is easy to enjoy the game. You do not have to worry about tipping over the cards and having to start over. In reality, there is some strategy involved with the game. Often it is more advantageous not to play a card. The trick is to know when this is the best move.

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Fun (and Free!) Senior Online Games

For more senior entertainment than you can handle, try these free online senior games. The internet is an exciting place and we must explore all of it. Games are even more fun when they are free. When you have had your fill and feel the need to get some physical activity, get up and play pickleball, the new popular craze. Then the bozu ball or simply fit board will also be waiting for you. You can do it all!

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