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Magnesium Normal Range in your Body

Magnesium is vital to our health. A healthy individual will excrete excess magnesium. Keeping magnesium in a normal range should not be a problem, even if magnesium is obtained thru magnesium for constipation. It is vital for our health and especially for anti-aging.

Fun (and Free!) Senior Online Games

For more senior entertainment than you can handle, try these free online senior games. The internet is an exciting place and we must explore all of it. Games are even more fun when they are free. When you have had your fill and feel the need to get some physical activity, get up and play pickleball, the new popular craze. Then the bozu ball or simply fit board will also be waiting for you. You can do it all!

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship-Allure of the Seas

Our Royal Caribbean cruise was incredible. The cruise ship was HUGE. There was so much to do and to see. We went with all of our cousins. This was one of those times when our family came together just because. We will always fondly remember Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas. Everyone should vacation with family, at least once.



Athens GA – Visit And Be Wowed!

The city of Athens, Georgia is a favorite. There is so much to do it can not be listed. If you live near Athens and do not take advantage of all it has to offer, you are missing out. If you just come for a visit be sure to arrive when one of the events are occurring. You will not regret it. Go Dawgs!

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Cruise Tips To Help You Save

Everyone wants to save money, especially when on a cruise. All those necessary extras keep adding up. See what items to pay for and which you may be able to go without, or find a less expensive alternative. It can be done.

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