Make Sure Your Brain Health is Great!

It is not too difficult to keep your brain health, well, healthy. However, it is something you have to work at. It is not something you can take care just once in a blue moon. Your brain health is important enough to do something every day. The following activities are not difficult. Performing them every day is well worth the minor effort. It is important to boost your brain activity.

Pro Tip 1: Use your brain. Your brain health is important. Get up and out and learn a new skill. Not only will it be challenging but you will be able to interact with others. You will probably learn new facts as well as enjoy the activity.

You can not expect to use your brain by sitting at home and never venturing out into the “real” world.  Your local library may have information about activities in your area. Many schools of higher learning have classes that you may be interested in. In addition, many give senior citizens not only a break for the tuition but allow you to attend classes at no cost. Even better!

Try online games as well as senior puzzles. You are working your brain but it just feels like fun!

Keep Your Brain Young

Your Brain Needs a Work-Out, Just Like Your Body!

brain health

You will wither away just doing the same things every day. Staying busy is important. Continually seek new sights every day. Be sure to challenge yourself.

Pro Tip 2: Exercise, exercise, exercise. You have heard it before and you will hear it again. Exercise increases blood flow to your brain.

By increasing the blood flow, you are increasing your brain function. The degree of atrophy in your brain is directly proportional to the rate of decline of your cardiac output. A good game of pickleball may be just your thing.

Your brain begins losing volume from the time you are approximately 25 to 30 years old. Exercise reduces this loss of volume and slows down the rate of loss. It is a fact that sedentary individuals are much more likely to lose more of their brain function than their active counterparts.

Brain Health Tips

brain health tips

Everything you do with your brain can only help. There are a wealth of ideas. If you are lucky enough to have them, have your grandchildren over. Plan some arts and crafts to spend the afternoon with them. Or perhaps you can make cookies or brownies. It may leave a mess for you to clean up but the activity will be motivating and inspirational.

Here are some more brain health tips for you.

Pro Tip 3: Get in the sun every day. The sun increases production of vitamin D in your skin. Just about everyone who does not get in the sun is vitamin D deficient. If you can not get in the sun daily, at least get your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Sunlight improves your mental mood. By being in the sun a mere 15 to 30 minutes per day will help to stave off depression.

Being in the sun will also increase your alertness and will stimulate your skin to make melanin. Melanin makes you look healthier.

Being in the sun will also increase your alertness and will stimulate your skin to make melanin. Melanin makes you look healthier.

It is not known how Vitamin D actually affects your brain but it is a fact that it will make you and your brain more healthy.

Pro Tip 4: Social interaction is important for brain health. When you are involved in interaction with another person, your brain has to work for you to respond. Putting yourself in a situation in which you have to input data and interpret it correctly, is great for brain health. Social clubs will often fit the bill!

Alternative types of activities include short day trips with others, museum excursions, trips to the library as well as local and not so local festivals.

Pro Tip 5: Practice hand-eye coordination. One great method is to play the piano. The neurological stimulation will help to keep your brain young.

Try all of the different brain games that are available today. They may appear to be child’s play but they keep your brain active. However, make sure your activities are varied. The same thing every day will not help your brain health as much as different activities on a regular basis.

Free online mind games are always fun. Here are some additional sites for you to enjoy. They are entertaining and easy to do. Try one soon and then keep coming back for more!

Luminosity                                               Cogni Fit                                         Brain Age Games

Sheppard Center                                     Neuro Nation                                 AARP Games

Games for the Brain                               Mind Games                                  Pro Prof Brain Games 

Many of us seniors do not like change. However, everything changes every day. You used to be able to handle it and you can again. However, you must be in different situations often to get used to the idea of change.

Pro Tip 6: Now how about a brisk walk around the block? OK, this is a variation of pro tip 2. Walking is a form of exercise and you should do it every day. Just going from your bedroom to the kitchen involves walking.

Pro Tip 7:  Control your blood pressure. High blood pressure may be the source of small vessel wall thickening. This will restrict the blood flow to the brain. In addition, it may lead to a stroke and white matter degeneration.

If you have high blood pressure you should consider purchasing your own blood pressure cuff. It will help you to control this problem. The cuff will read your pressure automatically with an easy to read interface.

Many people think their medication is working perfectly but when you record your pressure on a daily basis, your physician can more easily ascertain changes that should be made to your medications.

Pro Tip 8:  Control your diabetes. Unfortunately, diabetes has the same cause and effects of high blood pressure. Both diabetes and high blood pressure often co-exist.

Pro Tip 9: Eat a varied diet. As we become older our diet often becomes more restricted. We tend to eat the same food over and over again. A wide range of foods is best for our nutrition, especially for our brain health. Don’t forget about the color diet as well as superfoods.

Pro Tip 10: Vitamins and nutrients are important. You should get all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients in your diet. However, supplements are not bad. For brain function, it is necessary to get enough of all of the vitamin B’s as well as vitamin C. Your body needs adequate non-saturated fats. Since our brain is mainly fat and water, non-saturated fats are important. Saturated fats are associated with heart disease, including heart attacks and strokes.

We Can Not Stress Brain Health Enough

Make sure you get enough of the nutrients needed for you and your health by the food you eat as well as through your activities. Actions are important. You must get up and move. Take a walk. Talk to people. Get control of your health issues. As your brain gets in better shape, so will your body. Or you can say that as your body gets in better shape, so will your brain!

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