Bond, James Bond

Bond, James Bond

Always a good introduction, Bond, James Bond.

Who could possibly give up a proposition if it came from Bond, James Bond?

The introduction leaves me with visions of beautiful women, romantic sceneries, and exciting adventures. Just what I need this time of my life. 

The women were always alluring, the men impeccably dressed, the food delicious, and the location exciting. Of course, I would go. Money was never an object, no one ever gained an ounce by eating a rich dessert, and the women wore those ridiculous high heels all the time. I could dream of it but it would never happen. Two steps and I would want my slippers.

I wonder who I will help to save the day? Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig or a real-life spy? There may have been others but those were my favorites. I understand now the search is on for a new Bond. I will recommend my significant other. I hope they pick him. Then the fantasy could become a reality!

We have all speculated on being part of such an exotic adventure. After all, we grew up on 007 adventures. I tried to get that number for my cell phone but finally had to give up. Someone certainly beat me to it. With my luck, I  would have been dubbed the naught naught spy by Jethro in the Beverly Hillbillies.

A trip to England would be a great start.

The accent of the English even sounds rich. Who could possibly not want to go? While I am there I would visit the Queen for tea.

I have considered a food tour but the James Bond Tour of London would be impossible to turn down. I would visit all of the intriguing spots in England that have been shown in the Bond movies. As a baby boomer, I remember the exciting Bond movies. Sean Connery’s accent seemed to match his character. He was always getting out of tight spots. Of course, his way with the ladies did not hurt his reputation either.

He preferred his women hot and his martinis cold. I tried a martini, but even shaken and not stirred did not make it any more palatable. However, for a chance of dining with James Bond, I would drink it.

That may not ever be an option but I would love to see all of the places in London that relate to 007.  One could walk in the footsteps of the classic James Bond. I am sure Ian Fleming had no idea that his character would still be going strong after 50 years. Has it really been that long?

I would like to pass by the secret offices in the London headquarters. I can travel by mini-coach and get an insight into the secret world of spies. The scene when Bond was in Louisiana chasing his nemesis in the bayou on fast speed boats was exhilarating. It was even better when the sheriff from that scene showed up in Europe as a tourist. Naturally, he spots Bond and tries his best to help.

I have been happy to stay on the beaten path. But this is one adventure that can not be turned down. Just imagine drinking martinis, wearing beautiful clothes and going to parties with all of the beautiful people. Count me in.

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