Birthday Ideas – 6 Ways to Spend Your Birthday

by R Long
November 26, 2017

We all have that special day. I have special birthday ideas for me. It will be here shortly and I am not sad. Every day is a good day. I am definitely smarter than I was before I quit counting those years.

Here are six birthday ideas for my special day.
mirror birthday

1. I Will not look in the mirror.

I used to see that 18 year old but now I see her mother. I earned those wrinkles and that gray hair. Every parent understands and realizes that badge of honor. I did my best and was successful. That must be why I look more like my Mom every day.

2. Remove that day from the calendar.

image of calendar for your birthday ideas

It is not like the year I turned 16 and got my drivers license. I could not wait and always wanted to be older. Now I want to be a year younger. But this is not so very bad. I have learned so much during my years on this earth. I would not want to go back to those days. Yes, it is a good day for me.

3. Have a strong drink.

birthday ideas

I would not mind having two or maybe three. It may be a delightful feeling for a bit in the evening. But too much will give me a stomach ache and I may be sorry tomorrow morning. What the heck, I deserve this evening. Maybe even 4 drinks before bed time.


4. Refuse to take any calls.

cell phone

How about having a special day and forget the happy part. Not so fast! It is a special day and I will have a happy birthday. I am grateful for every day and this one is even more special. I understand so much more now. Ever listen to a 20 something-year-old? Certainly, I never talked like that. I could not have. They sound so churlish. I was never so selfish. One more “awesome” and I will scream.

5. Bake a cake.

image of a birthday cake as a birthday idea

I love chocolate cake with chocolate icing. My mother used to bake one every year for me. She always frosted it with canned icing. That was fine with me but she never frosted the sides of the cake, only on the top. I do not think she would like to purchase it ready made from the store.

She preferred Pillsbury and she always used an extra egg and milk instead of water. I will bake my own cake unless I can find one that tastes as good as mine. Even better if they want to give it to me for free!

6. tissue boxWatch a great movie.

A sad chick flick that has a romantic ending would be best. I can get out my tissues and cry over the ending. It is better when no one can see me so no explanations are necessary.

So now I sit on my sofa, eating chocolate cake, crying over an old movie, drinking my favorite beverage on a day that does not exist on the calendar, not talking on the phone nor gazing into the mirror.  What a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday!

Happy Birthday to ME!

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