Charleston SC – Best City in World?

by R Long
March 13, 2017

Charleston, Best City Award

According to Travel and Leisure, Charleston, SC has been named as the best city in the US, if not in the world! We knew Charleston was great but the best city in the world? That we did not know. I bet even the inhabitants of the city do not know it.

Charleston is full of country charm. There is an allure of the city when one views the architecture of the homes. Not only around the battery but throughout the historic city. There are no shortages of attractions in Charleston, SC. No wonder it was named the best city in the US.

Historic Homes

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The historic homes along the battery are reminiscent of the Civil War. One can imagine the southern ladies in their belle dresses gracing the verandas of the homes. It makes us yearn for a mint julep and a cool breeze while sitting in the secret gardens of the homes. Gone With the Wind did not do justice to the graceful homes we see there.

The view from the battery is delightful. The song Easter Parade was written in 1933 by Irving Berlin. We know he was writing about that promenade in Charleston. The warmth of the residents is infectious. Private carriage rides and romantic gardens make it a perfect destination for senior travel. There are boutique and historic hotels to choose from.


The choices are endless for staying in Charleston. You may choose one of the iconic hotels in the historic district. There are may bed and breakfast homes or hotels to book a room.You may want to try one of the suites at the Palmetto House Inn in Mt. Pleasant. It was built in 2016 so has the modern amenities we want. On the other side of the spectrum is the Andrew Pinckney Inn. It is located in the Historic District and was built in 1840. You can have your breakfast on the rooftop terrace of the Inn.

Across the river is Patriot’s Point or Mt. Pleasant. It contains many hotels and restaurants. As it is a short drive across the river to Charleston proper, it is not out of the way or an inconvenience to stay there. There are many chain hotels as well as smaller inns. Since you may want to visit the USS Yorktown it is not out of the way. As a matter of fact, it is a mere 7 minutes across the river to the historic district.


Charleston Shrimp

Try a meal of she-crab soup or gumbo or Brunswick stew. A favorite is catfish stew, shrimp and grits or an oyster roast. Another specialty is a low country boil. This meal is always made with a shellfish, usually shrimp, along with perhaps sausage, potatoes and corn on the cob. It is all boiled together and then served hot.

Although it is a favorite dish at social events and often sponsored by community organizations or fund-raisers, you can find it on the menu at many fine and not so fine restaurants.

Across from the battery you can tour the USS Yorktown, a World War II battleship.  You can stop at a fish shop and buy some shrimp to take home with you. Better yet, eat at one of the local seafood restaurants and enjoy their cooking along with the view of the marsh.

You can spend an afternoon or a weekend or even a week in Charleston and not see all there is to see of the city. Senior travel to the best city in the US is a must.

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