Angelina and Brad

They were the most beautiful couple in history. How could that possibly have gone wrong? How could that possibly have gone right? Too much money and now uncoupled.

Yes, the love story was exciting. Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a great movie with action, drama and most importantly, chemistry. We all wish it had been our chemistry. But we are not Mr. or Mrs. Smith. Still it was thrilling.

So now she is not happy and he has to go. If they had asked I would have told them it would never last. Not that Brad Pitt wanted it to end but there are no fairy tale endings in Hollywood. But who would not want to give it a try? The money situation is intoxicating. We could have lived with that.

By Hollywood standards their love affair was a success. It lasted 12 years together including 2 1/2 years of marriage and 7 children. How could two people with such large egos even be in the same room for 12 years? An inter dimensional rip was bound to occur. The space time continuum would have been disrupted. Guess we ought to thank Angelina. Einstein would be proud.

Per all men Brad Pitt has been challenged with the second most baffling problem in the universe: Women! Men can’t live with them and can’t kill them. Nevertheless, Brad is bound to learn the legal system. After all they had 7 children together. We all wish him well.