Carnival Paradise Cruise, Let’s Go!

Carnival Paradise Cruise, Let’s Go!

Carnival Cruise on the Paradise

Every cruise is an adventure to enjoy. If you have never been on a cruise, the Carnival Paradise Cruise from Tampa, Florida is a good place to start. It is not too expensive and if you live in the southeast, it is not difficult to travel to the port in Tampa. The cruise ship Paradise is known as a Carnival “Fun Ship” cruise. If this is one of your first cruises, you will certainly agree with the description.

Although the Carnival Paradise was launched in 1998, you would not know it from the interior. The 5 story lobby is amazing. The boat holds 2052 passengers with a crew complement of 920. This is a ratio of 2.25 passengers for every crew member. You can check out the deck plans at the carnival site. The rooms are regular cruise rooms, very compact and not much extra room for anything. Unless, of course, you splurge for a larger room. Just be aware that all of the amenities on the boat are the same for everyone. The additional cost for the cruise is only for the extra sleeping room square footage. If you take advantage of all the boat has to offer you probably will not be in your room that much.Carnival paradise Cruise room

The E deck is a good choice for a state room on the Carnival Paradise cruise. It is a very short walk to the lobby or upstairs to the promenade for activities. It is easily accessible and you can quickly pop back in the room if something is forgotten. The lower floors may be a bit cheaper but this is more convenient.

Everyone Must Muster

Muster time!  This is the one time you have no choice. Everyone must muster. The crew goes thru every room to be sure you go to the muster. This is required on all passenger ships prior to departure by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea and it signals the start of every cruise. At this time the crew goes over the safety features of the ship and takes you to your muster station, just in case. You will be instructed on the use of the life jackets, where they are and how to put them on. as well as the location of your life boat.

Cruising for Five Days

A five day cruise is a perfect amount of time for a first time cruiser. If you get on the boat on a Friday you will get off the boat on Wednesday. After settling into your room, you should explore the boat. Don’t wait till the last minute to get on board. You will definitely want to start your vacation as soon as possible.

Foodcarnival paradise cruise dining

Daily dining is available in one of the ship’s two dining halls. You are assigned to one at the beginning of the cruise. You may choose the early seating at 6:00 or the late seating at 8:15. However, anytime dining is another choice. Dining is available at your leisure anytime between 6:00 pm and 8:15 pm. You may choose to sit with only your party or you may choose to sit with other cruisers. Both have their advantages and you may sit alone at one meal and then with others at different meals.

However, there are endless food choices aboard the cruise. You do not have to eat in the assigned dining rooms. Instead of, or even in addition to the dining rooms, you can eat at the Mongolian Wok, the Comfort Kitchen, Off the Grill, or the Lido Buffet. Carnival paradise Cruise PizzaNot to be forgotten is the Carnival Deli and the Pizza Pirate, open all day, every day. Want a 2 am snack? A pizza is always great!


There is entertainment in the lobby throughout the cruise. If available, you will enjoy listening to the the String Classics with Sky Breeze. Off the lobby on the deck 8 is the Piano Bar. Gustavo, the pianist, is full of personality, charm and excitement. One should sit in at least one set to experience the piano bar.

The Carnival Paradise Cruise boasts the Rex Nightclub, The Leonardo (more music), the United States Bar, the Punchliner Comedy Club, and of course there is showtime in the Normandie Lounge. The comedians, Seth Buchwald and John Floyd, have been highlighted in the Comedy Club. It is a favorite of all passengers. The laughing will not stop. It makes for a fantastic evening aboard the Paradise.

A cruise has something for everyone. A cruise director is important on all cruises. If you are fortunate, you can cruise on a boat with the cruise director Brandon Kovshoff. He is a great cruise director. It is difficult to realize how important a cruise director is until you get to cruise with a great one like him.

From the hairy chest competition and the dancing and antics around the pool to the formal night and the broadway-style shows as well as the trivia contests, bingo and tea time, there is something for everyone. It is not impossible but you can see almost everything. The cruise adds fascinating shore excursions to the mix. If your cruise goes near the The Mayan ruins it is worth the time to go.

A cruise may not be for everyone but it is for almost everyone. You can enjoy alone time or mix with the other passengers. You can eat in the dining areas or have food delivered to your room. This ship boasts a casino in addition to daily entertainment. The crew is friendly and helpful and the choices are endless. You lose if you do not cruise!

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